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Joan Scarabino

Hi Christine, how can we see this house? What is the condition, age of house?

Please call me at 212 343-8624 today at work, I am able to see house tomorrow if possible.

Joan Scarabino

condo for sale philippines

This home boasts hardwood floors through out and tile kitchen. Perfect as a starter home in the best school district. Thanks for the information this the place that im looking for how i wish i see this post earlier.



louisville apartments

Not bad price on a 25x100 lot,absolutely perfect for my family.


san antonio apartments

Yeah, not a bad price for a starter home. If you want to live in a lively community and accessibility to necessities, i would suggest you to get an apartment instead.


Newport Realty

No doubt, Home is nice and beautiful. But I am thinking about its price. Hope there would be some discounts in its price in near future. Thanks for sharing.

homes in philippines

I think this is a great design and it is great property also. What a beautiful house.I want to bought it. Hope I am rich.

House Share

Can I get picture of interior of this house?

sell my house fast

The world should be a place of inspiration and a source of comfort. The home should be made secure and safe to live.All the houses are very pretty and awesome.Also, most of the peoples dreams were to live in Oakland starter home. This home boasts perfect as a starter home in the best school district.


Has the house sold yet?

real estate in the philippines

That house looks familiar with me. I was thinking if the house was already sold.


La Verti Residences for Rent

Nice starter home!

 miami beach apartments

The image of the house looks pretty with good nature environment.

philippine real estate

Great house! hope to see the interior design.


Darius Degross

Hardwood floors are eco-friendly in the sense that these release lower levels of emissions, which can improve indoor air quality. (source: http://www.how-to-hardwood-floors.com/benefits-of-hardwood-flooring.html) And they never go out of style! Plus, for a place located in the best school district, the price of $508,000.00 is just right.

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