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Price it Right

After visiting this house I was not impressed. The price needs to come down substantially. It is small compared to the other attached Tudors in the North Flushing area and lacks a lot of the standard Tudor details like a sunken living room, high ceilings, and the distinctive Tudor moldings. This house needs a new kitchen, bathrooms, and the basement needs to be updated. This house should be the jewel of North Flushing, if you are going to ask $599,000.

I would pay between $350,000 and $400,000 for this home, and that is really pushing it. There is a reason why this home is not selling, it is not priced right. The days of 2003, 2004, and 2005 are over. Price it right and it will sell.


While I want to thank you for your feed back - I want to also explain to you that this particular tudor IS the Larger of the attached tudor homes. The homes that feature a sunken living room are in fact the smaller style homes. Those smaller tudors have the fireplace in the corner of the livingroom and are usually 16 - 18' wide. This one that you are speaking of is 20' wide. The home does have the original moldings - you must have just missed them. The walls have been preseved to have the textured plastered walls - it was built that way and has not been changed. While I do agree with you that the kitchen and bath need some updating - they have been lovingly maintained. You are claiming that the Flushing North Tudor should sell for 350-400K. That is absurd and I have no reply for you on that except that the going market value for that home is what I priced it at. If you would like to discuss this further - I would be more than happy to chat with you at any time. I am sorry that you were not impressed - maybe I could find you something that would impress you - if you are a serious home buyer.
-Christine Forgione

Price It Right

Well Christine obviously we are not on the same page as to the Tudor style home that I was referring to.

I have listed an MLS link to the attached Tudor style home that I was referencing.

This home is 20 feet wide (not the 16ft to 18ft that you stated), has 14ft beamed ceilings (something that your listing lacks), and a sunken living room.

Here is the link to this home,


The MLS listing number is 1876217, for you reference.

Please refer me to the smaller Tudor that you are talking about, because your listing is smaller than this one.

BTW, I am a very serious buyer, but I am also informed. I will keep an eye on your listing to see when its sells. Good Luck…

Price It Right


I notice that this house is still for sale and still priced the same.

How long has it been on the market now 8, 9 months?

Do you still want to stand by your quote that my estimate value of this house was 350-400K was "absurd"?

And that the going market value of the house is what you priced it at.

Your quote:

"You are claiming that the Flushing North Tudor should sell for 350-400K. That is absurd and I have no reply for you on that except that the going market value for that home is what I priced it at."

Maybe you should come back to reality and realize that the doubling and tripling of home values the last 5 years was abnormal and made no sense.

Buyers are just not going to pay some made up price that was picked out of the sky…


Price it Right - I am sorry - I forgot to let you know that this home is under contract -and sold for close to asking price. So, as for me agreeing with YOUR pricing on the home - you were way under and guess what - I PRICED IT RIGHT!. Good luck though on your continued home search. I hope you do find something that suits you.

Price It Right

Well, what was the selling price?

Close to the asking price could be any amount.

I know you are going to tell me it’s confidential, blah, blah, blah...

There was no way that the house was worth anything near that price.

Remember the old proverb,

A fool and his money are soon parted.

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