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October 13, 2007


Derek Burress

He's going to break his arm if he doesn't learn to catch the ball closer to his body. Tell him to let the ball come to him.

Good secondary stance (the one you use with runners on base) but if he's in a secondary stance, he should position his throwing arm behind the mitt rather than the back. Forget putting the hand behind the back. Have him to place it behind his right shin guard instead when there are no runners on base or less than two strikes.

Only other problem I see is the chest protector is a bit loose.

As for the field, there is a program the major leagues have put together to help promote the game. They often rebuild fields and provide equipment. You should check the MLB.com site or email the Yankees and Met's Public Relations office and have them to direct you to the right place and see if there is someone there who may help get a grant or something for the kids to fix up the fields, etc.

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