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July 21, 2007


Phil Faranda

Good riddance to her. You were wise to have held your ground. Real estate mistakes, whether one is a a buyer or renter, have far broader consequences than say, golf or cooking mistakes. If your agent had substantive knowledge of a pungent restaurant odor on the block, or that the tap dancing Brady Bunch was in the unit upstairs, maybe the renter would have a leg to stand on. But in the absence of such a withholding she was just exhibiting sour grapes.


I agree Phil - In situations like these though I can not help but feel badly for the tenant. I understood her dilemma - but I could not take money out of my agents hands (which he was paid 7 months ago) to re compensate the tenant. We did offer her pro bono for the next apartment - and it was within her options to decline - which she did.

Jason Ganz

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