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April 02, 2007


Maureen Francis

Mmmm, what a yummy selection you have offered your guests. I am off to enjoy the few of those that I did not see yet.

Thanks for the nod and a great job hostessing!

Isn't rubbing alcohol deadly?

Broker Bryant

Christine, I must say you really out did your self with this Carnival. I love the way it is presented. BTW your house is lovely! It looks like I have quite a bit of reading to do today. Thanks for the mention and thanks for taking the time to be the hostest this week. Great job!!

Maureen McCabe

The hostess with the mostest. Good stuff. I don't even know some of these blogs, thanks for the taste. I will have to read them.


Maureen - it was a great article, I always love reading your stuff. Good job!

Bryant - You have a bit of reading to do - I had 40+ articles to read in a two day time span. Some came in early in the week, but I still had to go back and re-read them. By 12:30 am I was shot. Alot of great reads and I found a few new blogs to read -

Maureen McCabe - LOL Thank you. Yea, I read a few new ones myself, they were all very good articles.

Brian Brady

Nice job, Christine. I like the creativity with the menu. 40 entries is a lot to muddle through; thanks for hosting

Jeff Dowler

Great set of posts, a terrific menu, and a fabulous host, as always. Would have liked some Tiramisu, however. And some Limoncello for after dinner. Perhaps next time. Delicious!

Larry Cragun

Thanks for having me at your party. Lar

Toby & Sadie

Great collection and well presented. I'll put it on my "reading list" for later this week when the rain hits. Now I'm off to lunch, for some reason I'm feeling hungrier than I was a few minutes ago...

Jay Thompson

Nicely done Christine!

Isn't hosting the Carnival a hoot? For those that haven't done it, you should sign up.

Lake Martin Voice

A lot of fun! Great posts everyone. Since it's Monday AM, I think I will have to go for shots of plain ole co-cola. Thanks Christine.

Jeff Brown

Christine - great job. But then you set the bar so high every day, what else did we expect?

Gena Riede

I have enjoyed all the entries. What a great bunch you had to choose from... good job Christine.

Derek Burress

I have no idea what kind of food you just served your guests, but it sure sounds expensive.

In the meantime, I think I'll run across the creek to grandma's house for some good old BBQ, fried chicken, hushpuppies, cold slaw and brunswick stew. Not to mention, an ice cold glass of sweet tea.

Joshua Dorkin

Nice carnival! Glad we could entertain you this week!


Good job Christine ! Thanks for all the nice articles and thanks for hosting.


Thanks guys, I am glad you enjoyed it. I had a great time doing the Carnival. Thank you all for stopping by!

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