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April 06, 2007


Mark A.

I know what you mean Christine. I haven't bit into the apple yet. But I did "claim" my own house, before Joe Schmoe goes ahead and advertises it for sale, when it really isn't.


Markus, Hmmm - good idea. So you have not yet posted a listing of yours yet on Zillow? Why or why not?

Mark A.

Haven't posted any of my listings on Zillow. Not quite sure whether or not my seller clients would really benefit, because (without being able to quantitatively prove it, of course) I get the feeling that Zillow is a place where primarily homeowners hang out, when I'm trying to reach buyers. For that, I'd much rather expose my listings through Trulia and Google Base, and better yet, realtor.com and remax.com. Meanwhile, I'll keep an eye on Zillow to see where they're going. Have a happy Easter. :)

Spencer Rascoff

Spencer from Zillow here. Thank you for posting the listing on Zillow - much appreciated. You've now joined the tens of thousands of other agents who also have posted homes on Zillow for free.
In the case of this listing in particular, notice that it has received 23 page views since you posted it. You can find the pageview count on the bottom of the page. So that's a bunch of prospective buyers that wouldn't have seen the listing if it wasn't on Zillow. Also, note that your profile page has received 5 profile views, so that's 5 potential customers (4, if you exclude me, since I don't live in your area!) that have now learned a little bit about you.
Thanks for contributing to the Zillow community, and good luck with the sale!

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