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April 13, 2007


Larry Cragun

Serious comment: My sentiments exactly. Saved for the magnifcent 7 April showdown. Lar


Wow Lar, a serioius comment and a shot at the magnifcent 7. Woo hoo!!

Michael Daly

Christina, Bravo! I'm seeing them off here on the East End by literally MILLIONS of dollars! Currently, I'm going into contract with a buyer on a property at nearly $700,000 over their barf-timate. md

April Groves

Great blog! I thought the "Happy Birthday to Me" was going to be my favorite until the Zillow was revealed. I am enjoying it very much and look forward to reading more:)

Jim Lee, Knoxville Tennessee REALTOR

Good job Christine.

I had a couple of buyers I'm working with want to make offers based on a "Zestimate".

I told them both to look up a house they had recently sold and see how close the "Z" was to their sale prices. Off by tens of thousands of dollars.

Both bought their favorite houses for a good price but both were also far above the "Zestimate".


Micheal - I hear ya. Thanks for your email!

April - Thank you! I look forward seeing you around more!

Jim - I agree!

Douglas Heddings

Bravo Christine!

I reluctantly posted a listing on Zillow several months back for a very special property on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The value that the Zestimator put on the property was more than $1M less than what the unit sold and closed for (sold yesterday). I just have no faith in their product in the New York area...yet. I do like some of what they are doing as far as transparency but accuracy has to be a number one priority and it obviously isn't.

Keep up the good work.


Douglas - I couldn't agree with you more. I have nothing against posting a listing onto Zillow if the Zestimates were not there. Case Closed. I do find that alot of homeowners are going to the site and "playing" with their numbers, their neighbors numbers and so on - (In fact, I know more homeowners who know of Zillow than agents).

Thank you for stopping by - you run a great blog over there - I read it everyday!

Mariana Wagner

Ugh ... We have the "other" problem ... Our "zestimates" are about $50k MORE than market value, for whatever reason. This is really hard at a listing appointment - dashing some Seller's hopes of great fortune.


Mariana (One N) - I have seen a few of those myself and when the homeowner see the "magic" number try convincing them that the "Zestimate" is worng - you think at that point they will realized that the disclaimer says the numbers may be off?

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