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February 15, 2007


Queens Crapper

"A few months back you quoted my blog - I posted comments on your blog, informing you that the price has not changed on MLS and you never published any of my comments."

If you had read the original post, you would have seen the link to where the info about the price drop came from. Here it is from the Times article:

"They may be getting more interested; the price was reduced to $6.5 million from $8 million just last Thursday."

As for the article about QC in the Queens Tribune, the link was originally there, then I found that a longer version of it was on QueensPress.com, and I linked to that instead. Then that link went dead, so I had to copy any paste from a Google cache for posterity. And that version did in fact contain QC's web address.

I have offered several solutions to problems. How about spending some of that unexpected $3.9 billion budget surplus on things like building inspectors, city planners and the like?

I have no problem with people of all incomes living in Queens. What I do have a problem with is forced gentrification and displacement.

And if I was planning to run for office, why would I want to remain anonymous?

Kevin Walsh

Ms. Forgione:

Do you want this version of Queens?


Our neighborhoods...Astoria, Flushing, Maspeth... are being destroyed by developers building garbage.

Kevin Walsh

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