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February 22, 2007



Home Equity Theft Protection Law. Ever heard of it? If you're investing in foreclosures in New York state I'd recommend you know it inside and out.


The best way to get started with foreclosure real estate is to see what is currently on the market in your chosen area, and the best way to do this is to browse online foreclosure listings. There are several large, up-to-date databases online, most offering free full access trial memberships. Take advantage of their offers and use the free trials to get a better understanding of exactly how much foreclosures are selling for in your area. Use online listings to find local properties and then go check them out in person and see how they measure up. Taking a hands on approach will give you an edge over 90% of the foreclosure wannabes out there.


This post is really helpful to me as it gave me a clear idea, how and what are the steps to be followed to stop the foreclosure.

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