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January 15, 2007


Jonathan Dalton

> Buyer brokerages in NYC are almost null in void. I do not know of any TRUE buyer broker firms. What I mean by TRUE buyer broker firms is that the agent and their cooperating firm has NO listings. That is the only true way that the agent is a true buyer broker.

So are you saying that an agent can't truly represent a buyer unless they're an Exclusive Buyers Agent? I'd hope not ... that is one of the NAEBA's greatest myths, that only they can help a buyer and that they are more pure than the rest of us.


Jonathon - Yes, In Queens, NY to have an agent work as your buyer agent - then the agency disclosure has to state that that agent is working for the buyer. With every customer that walks into my office or an open house the customer has to be made aware that we work for the seller as a sub agent.

Bethany Marten

Hi Christine,

I am impressed by your Blog, however I am surprised that you are unaware of the existence of my company, Home Buyers Resource Center. We have been Exclusively representing buyers who wish to purchase in Queens and Long Island since 1990. Our company does not take any listings. There have been numerous articles published in the NY Times and Newsday that have described our services and how we protect our buyer clients. Our buyers are always clients and never customers. We strive to protect and promote their best interests at all times. That is what a true exclusive buyer's agent does. Please feel free to take a look at our website www.homebuyerscenter.com and you can see that we are the real deal!


Hi Bethany - How very interesting. Not because you are actively working as buyer agents, but because I have never heard of you guys. How long have you guys been in business and where are youguys located? What do you have your clients sign and how long are your agreements? Are you getting paid by the buyer or out of cooperating commissions being offered? What happens if a seller wants you to sell their property - what is proper procedure for your company? I am going to head over by your site today and snoop. Thanks for stopping by.

Bethany Marten

Hi Christine,

I've been in business since 1990 and our corporate office is located in Baldwin, NY, however our agents have their own home offices in Queens, Nassau and Suffolk counties. Our buyers sign an exclusive buyer representation agreement for whatever time frame they wish to contract w/us for. We are typically paid out of the cooperating commission. If a seller wants us to sell their property we refer the listing to a listing brokerage company. You can ask me any questions directly by e-mailing me @ [email protected]. I hope you liked my web site and found it user friendly.

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