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December 19, 2006


Maureen Francis

Well, I did think I might find a photo of Geno in a white blouse adorning the post, nonetheless, I am NOT disappointed. Fun stuff, Geno.


Maureen - I know.. I tried to get him into a skirt and my knee high boots - but I think his wife Mona threatend him... So they left for Mexico.


Geno - If you are out there - thank you for the post - it was really alot of fun!! You are welcome o n my blog anytime! Enjoy your vacation and bring me back some Tequila!!!

Charleston real estate blog

Geno and Christine, you are so perfectly matched for this fun event, great writing. By the way, did you run across my old friend Marty, aka Bump, while wandering the streets of Queeens.

Jay Thompson

Hilarious stuff Geno. You've got real talent. Wonder if you sell real estate as well as you write?

Has anyone noticed that the MyBlogLog "recent readers" thing can make you feel like a cyber-stalker? Apparently I'm following Maureen Francis around the blog swap tour...

Just don't slow down Mo!

Bonnie Erickson

Geno is definitely a fun read today. Remember, though, once you're in the family, you can't get out!

Gena Riede

Geno, you are a kick. Obviously you went to Catholic school if you got bopped...that sounds very familiar (but not first hand). Loved your blog and hope you enjoyed all that coffee-both you and Christine are meant for each other!


Geno, you are too much. I am still snickering over your antics and comments. I need your sardonic wit to wreck some havoc on the RSS pieces blog sometime. Oh yeah- next event is a Celebrity Blog Roast- and, you may just have to be the ring master!

carole cohen

Geno if yer gonna spend money then I say do it in NYC - and a man with a mini cooper is close to my heart lol

Brad Nix

Nice writing style and great taste in music! You should check out my Egg Man video from back in the day at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCQ4QohDvHo

rudolph d. bachraty III

geno - one of my favorite posts of the entire swap. well written.



Brad - that is just too funny. You have a little worried now -


Brad - I think that this one is more my style. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yneSksfRiKM
you are insane.....

Pat Kitano

Way to go Geno... I saved reads from my favorite storytellers to the end (yes, it took this long, but I'm technically on vacation too and reading only in the evenings). You're welcome to stroll my neighborhood in San Francisco any time... I'll be pleased to switch blogs with ya. Then you can compile your virtual travels into a book...

Paul Chaney

Geno, I have to say that's the best writing of any of the posts in the blog swap so far, and there have been some good ones, Christine's included. Do you always write with that kind of flair, or was it simply New York inspired? If the former, I'm adding your feed to my RSS reader! Great stuff. Very entertaining. You get to move to the next round. Oh, wait, there is no next round is there. Mary, how come there's no next round?

Richard Nacht

I don't speak Italian either, but Babel Fish does, and this is how it translated what you said at the end of your post: "Good NATO them and Happy Ano New." That's not actually what you meant I assume!

Great post. A very fun read. Mario Puzo would be proud!

Brian Brady

I have no idea where to begin, Geno. I had the same nuns in Philly, bro. They're in the 718 and da 312 but they ain't representing in San Diego.

I loved the Beastie Boys lay down. What better way for a (whatever decade we are)-something to get into the Queens spirit.

I spent a summer in Far Rockaway and it was quite an education for a Philly kid. So many cool people; Queens is definitely the heart of New York.

You wanna try talking about Little Italy in San Diego?...fuhgeddaboutit

geno petro

Thank you Christine and all of you who commented; Brian B, Pat K,Rudy, Paul Chaney and all others. And to answer Jay Thompson's question although rhetorical I'm sure, I closed 29 deals in 2006 for a little more than 16 million but didn't make a nickle writing.


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