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December 07, 2006


Rich Crowe

According to the book "Kew Gardens: Urban Village in the Big City," that part of Queens lays claim to the Little Tramp from 1919-1921. According to its author, Barry Lewis, Chaplin lived at 105 Mowbray Drive, a really nice English (figures) Arts-and-Crafts house. I just parked across the street from it last Saturday night!

If Chaplin also lived in Beechhurst, perhaps it was earlier that the Towers were built? Since he turned 21 in 1910, could that have been the year?


Hi Rich - You are correct, I was reading a book about "Whitestone" by Jason Antos. It states as well that Charlie was 21 in 1910. He was born in 1889. My public records for the building shows a "built date of 1920", I am assuming now that this is as far back as it goes. I do stand corrected and I will fix the date. Here is something interesting to add - this building was built as a hotel for the silent era actors.
Thank you for the heads up!

Maureen M.

Your links "If you would like to view more photos click here and here" tell ME no photos available.

Neat story

Arthur Jefferson

Sorry, but this information is wrong. Chaplin left London's Karno Troupe to begin working for Mack Sennett in California in 1914. In 1916 and 1917, he made films for the Mutual Film Co., also in California. The Kew Gardens house belonged to someone who worked for Mutual, so Chaplin may have visited there at one time or other, but there is no evidence that he ever lived there. He certainly never filmed at the Astoria Studios. His autobiography and the much longer Robinson biography of him make no mention of him living in Beechurst or Kew Gardens or filming in Astoria.

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