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August 08, 2006


Larry Cragun

What you illustrate and call web 2.0 is not what I undersgtand WEB 2.0 is. Perhaps you should have gone to the Inman conference and observed the transition from keeping everything to myself to what Oodle called turning their company inside out. In this they provide API's for all that is on their website for us to capture and use. Sure there is a long way to go, but capture the wave man and define 2.0 broader. Larry Cragun


Nothing wrong with adding you're thoughts about another person's blog post. It is almost a way of life in the blogosphere!

Thanks for giving your insight. I hadn't seen that Move.com video yet, but it was very interesting. My office is only three doors down from Maria's, so I see her all the time, but I've never seen her on video. How cool!


Thanks Dustin - Read your blog 3 times a day - Its great! I stumbled upon the Move.com on Utube when I was reading your blog. (from utube).

Larry - I am doing my homework. I am studying the concept of Web 2.0. I will have a new post about that soon!

rudolph d. bachraty III

nice job christine!

for an insider look into the term "web 2.0" check out today's great video documentary on techcrunch:


blog on christine!


p.s. take a peak at our blog - we highlighted you today :)


LOVED the post!! All Must see the "Top Ten Women Bloggers" By Sellsius, a personal favorite of mine!

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