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August 31, 2006


Larry Cragun

The seller is a dunce. Lar

Joseph Ferrara

This is a very interesting post Christine. Is it any wonder zillow just hired Duetsch Agency to help it with its brand positioning and strategy? For those who may not know, Deutsch worked with Expedia for many years.


PS Enjoy your Labor Day weekend (even though as real estate brokers & bloggers, our brains are always working)


How very interesting that is. I wonder what this will entail. Ok Deutsh is an ad agency, correct? I think alot of people know of, heard of or has seen Zillow. So I don't think that they need help of an ad executive, but maybe the help of some real estate agents that can help them get thier zestimates more on target. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Joseph Ferrara

Yes, it is an ad agency. Perhaps zillow is concerned with the perception of agents that zestimates are not reliable in all circumstances.

Perhaps they are concerned that the public perception (their target market for eyeballs)may shift if cases like the one you point out get wider exposure.


Prudential, Zillow and Yahoo! What a team...

Joseph Ferrara

What happens when a Pru/Yahoo listing price is significantly higher than the zestimate, right beside it? Will the agent have a harder sell? Will buyers look at the comps that are closer to the zestimate, foregoing yours? WIll the seller of this overzestimated home be happy?


Good questions.. But hey according to Zillow its not thier fault. They say they are off by margins and now Prudential will be backing them - so when the home does not sell because it is off in pricing or worse undersells in price then who will be held responsible? Will be interesting to see this unfold...

Larry Cragun

Hey woman, how is it going? Give me your favorite post to review, maybe it is magnificent. Larry

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