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I specialize in the Queens, NY real estate. I deal with buyers and sellers and ensure that everyone of my customers/clients get 110% of my knowledge. Currently I specialize in residential sales. Although my office as a whole, have agents that each specialize in various areas: such as rentals and commercial. My office has a very large online presence and we understand and recognize that today's buyers and sellers are starting on the internet on their search.

Why I stand out:

Value of Analysis - We will spell out your motivation of moving, together. Is it money? Is it upgrading/downgrading? Do you want to be closer to family? Do you NEED to move or WANT to move?
Knowledge of the market - Not guessing - knowing the market. I know what has sold, when it sold and for how much. I analyze and research - I do not over price and give you false hope. Over pricing your home because you want to see if you can get that price, is not a route I like to venture. It usually ends up with a house on the market for too long - making it stale as well as you lowering your price many times before we get a real buyer.
What is your timetable? This will make a huge factor in our pricing. Why? because a speedy sale and closing will consist of two things - PRICE and Condition of home. If your home is in tip top shape, by MY standards then we can skim over the NEEDED items that need to be addressed. But Price - ahh PRICE - to sell fast - you need to PRICE right and maybe below your "competition".
Value of Marketing - Yes - this is an art. Now anyone CAN throw a for sale ad in the newspaper and you can even get your home listed on a fsbo website. But, the TRAFFIC that gets to you - the buyers - are nothing in comparison that I get. I get over 30,000 hits a month. That's 30,000 BUYERS looking at my company's site. We market. We have an on-line presence that brings the buyers to us! I also have the longevity as opposed to a newbie site that does not have rankings. I have rankings and my rankings have been going up. That makes a difference. I have the presence and will continue to grow.
Cost of Advising - Yes, you hired me to market and sell your home. But do you know the difference between two buyers? Do you know what a good offer is? Is it just the money that they are offering you to buy your home? There are many factors (Credit score, available cash on hand, pre-approval, etc...)that go into determining a GOOD OFFER. This is an area that most sellers get hung up on. They see the "loot" dangling in front of them and they are ready to jump. Which could wind up costing the sellers money in the long run.
Value of my expertise - I know what needs to be done when. I follow up, I only accept concrete sales. Staying on top of attorneys, lenders and the buyers will make your transaction go smoothly.
Great service begins with a clear purpose of why someone should work for you. I offer and provide the great service. I am a proven fact!

I was also voted Top Ten Women Real Estate Blogger

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